Local SEO Optimization for Healthcare – Driving Patient Visits and Awareness


DispatchHealth, a leading in-home healthcare provider, aimed to elevate its online visibility and patient engagement through strategic SEO efforts. Focused on highly competitive keywords such as “urgent care near me,” this case study highlights the approach and outcomes of enhancing DispatchHealth’s SEO to drive awareness and significantly increase patient visits.

The Challenge

In the crowded digital healthcare market, standing out, especially in search engine results, is daunting. DispatchHealth faced the challenge of increasing its online presence and patient visits amid fierce competition for high-value keywords in forty different cities. The goal was to improve rankings for these competitive keywords and translate this visibility into actual patient visits, ensuring a tangible impact on the business.

The Strategy

The SEO strategy implemented for DispatchHealth was multifaceted, focusing on both on-page and off-page optimizations to achieve desired outcomes. Key elements included:

  • Keyword Optimization: I conducted thorough keyword research to identify high-impact keywords and optimized website content, including landing pages and blog posts, to rank higher for these terms.
  • Content Strategy: Developing and implementing a comprehensive content strategy that addresses potential patients’ needs and questions, positioning DispatchHealth as a thought leader in the in-home healthcare space.
  • Technical SEO: Enhancing the website’s technical foundation to improve crawlability, site speed, and mobile responsiveness, factors known to positively influence search rankings.
  • Local SEO: Leveraging local SEO tactics to improve visibility in local search results, ensuring that DispatchHealth appeared prominently when users searched for urgent care options nearby.


The strategic SEO efforts led to remarkable achievements for DispatchHealth:

  • Increased Patient Visits: Year-over-year, organic patient visits grew by 38%, directly attributable to improved SEO rankings and visibility.
  • Higher Rankings for Competitive Keywords: DispatchHealth’s website started ranking on the first page for highly competitive keywords, including “urgent care near me,” dramatically increasing its visibility to potential patients.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: The comprehensive SEO strategy improved rankings and traffic and strengthened DispatchHealth’s online presence, establishing it as a trustworthy and accessible in-home healthcare provider.


The DispatchHealth case study exemplifies the power of a well-executed SEO strategy in the healthcare industry. By focusing on competitive keyword optimization, a robust content strategy, and technical SEO improvements, DispatchHealth significantly increased its online visibility and patient visits. This success story underscores the critical role of SEO in driving business outcomes, especially in highly competitive markets.


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  • Start Date2022
  • End Date2024
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